But What Can I Do?

I sit here tonight with spontaneous tears in my eyes. My usual night time routine of catching up on the daily news, scrolling through social media, and eventually settling down with some Bible study time, was interrupted by a news article that caught my attention. Let me warn you… some of the articles i came across had some disturbing images that broke my heart. If you have a tender heart and are easily weighed down by things, be careful.

I won’t attempt to go into the details of WHY Yemen is in famine because quite frankly, there are many reasons. I encourage you to find a reputable news source (you be the judge) and research what is happening. I for one do not understand all of it. I am doing my best to read up on articles so that I do, but simply put… war, the increased prices of food, no money, and the biggest one… a blockade. Saudi Arabia has a blockade that is currently keeping food and medical supplies from entering Yemen. There is a food shortage, there is an outbreak of cholera, and there are many civilian casualties because of this and because of war. One of the articles I was reading had videos and images of children… tiny little children who were starving to death. My heart just broke. They’re just little babies. They know nothing other than famine and war and some of these children are not 4 years old. The selfishness, pride, and hatred of other “leaders” has condemned these children to a life of pain and misery. The only thought that kept shouting in my head over and over again was this… He could be mine. That little child could be mine.

When I laid Selah down to bed tonight, I came back upstairs and was a little sad because, you see, Selah has figured out how to say the word “no.” So, of course, when I laid her down and walked away, she cried “no! No! No!” In a pitiful voice. She’s my child. She’s well-fed. She’s happy. She’s healthy. She almost walks. The worst pain she has known ever is probably teething or immunizations. I thank God that she doesn’t know what serious pain is like. This child is mine and I know she’s okay and yet it still breaks my heart when she cries for attention.

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 4.25.48 PM.png

To see these poor, innocent children suffer the consequences for someone else’s decision kills me. That child could be mine. These children with tiny little bodies could be mine or yours. They could be the children in the nursery on Sunday morning. They could be the little babies that go to elementary school or pre-school every day. Their older siblings could be the ones I see in chorus every day. Those children don’t deserve this. Please, I know it’s hard to see these images and I know it’s painful to think about all the crap that is happening in the world, but we can’t distance ourselves from their pain just because they’re not ours or because we don’t know them or see them.

We are humans. They are humans. They deserve to know what a full belly feels like. They deserve to know what love and humanity is. If we do not take the time to show them, who will? It is our job as humans AND as Christians to show and give and demonstrate true love.

So, what can we do? Often times, I feel absolutely helpless in these situations. I feel like I’m just sitting here praying, crying, looking for an answer. I know that many of you will argue with me about prayer and how it’s actually not a last resort and I agree with you, but please understand that even though I’m praying I still want to physically DO something. I’m a Martha...remember? I came across THIS BBC Article. They listed things like:

Donating Money

Volunteering abroad

Volunteering at home

Sending goods

Click on the article link above to see the specifics. All of these are great suggestions and I hope you’ll find at LEAST one way to help where and how you can. It could be a thing that you do with your children this year for Christmas instead of buying Christmas presents or something in addition to presents?

Another article suggested contacting government. This suggestion always frustrates me because I feel like I’m the only one calling. Why in the world would they listen to one person? But what we have to remind ourselves of is this… if we ALL stand up against wrong doing… we will NOT be the only person calling. Call your representatives, whoever they may be. Local, state level, federal… ANYONE who will listen. Call and contact them. Let them know that your town, city, county, state, country, will NOT stand for this type of inhumanity and cruelty. This is not who we are and we must do better.

I go to bed tonight feeling heartbroken, sad, helpless, and just wanting pick Selah up out of her crib and hold her all night. The only comfort is knowing that the discomfort I’m feeling tonight is NOTHING compared to others. I know and must constantly and daily remind myself that God is in control, right? God is good. God is good. God is good. God is good. God is good. On days like today, saying that out loud is hard and I have to be honest in saying that. When i see a child in pain, by no fault of their own, that statement is hard for me to say, but I have to believe it’s true. So, i fall asleep tonight praying for protection for those dear children, praying for peace, praying for healing and praying that God is good.God is good. God is good.

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