Table of Love

Well, school is fully back in swing and taking over everything. The first couple of weeks weren’t too bad as far as time management goes. The last 2 weeks have been nuts. I’m doing my best to keep home life and work life balanced and by balanced I mean 70% home and 30% work. 80/20 would be perfect, but that rarely happens. I’ve had this thought process in my head about what life should be like and I’m pretty sure that it’s not being a workaholic. I want to give my best to my kids at school while also giving my absolute best to my family. It’s a constant adjustment, so we’ll see how it goes.

With the world the way it is today the main thought that’s been on my brain is just love. If you’ve seen the movie “Mean Girls” I’m the one asking the rest of the school to just get along and share cupcakes and rainbows or whatever it is. I understand that we disagree on a lot of things, I really do get that. Does that mean, in turn, that we have to be rude about it? I’m sure there’s a quote somewhere that says something like… no opinions were ever changed by arguing about something. Hubby and I have discussed recently the difference between being a voice and presence of love and change vs. being a “clanging cymbal.” When we get into disagreements are we just shouting at each other because we don’t want to be wrong or are we having calm, respectful conversations in love? And by “in love” I don’t mean when we say, “look, I love you, BUT…” I mean, do we ACTUALLY love each other?

“Come to the table of love, Come to the table of love. This is God’s table, it’s not yours or mine. Come to the table of love.”

We sang that this morning in church. That verse in particular stuck with me. I’d like to think that if we approached life the same way that we approach communion on Sundays, that we’d be treating each other a bit better. When we sit down with someone to have a conversation (not an argument over a computer)… Do we say to ourselves, I’m going to have this conversation in love. This is a conversation that I want to have Godly wisdom while having. This is a person that I truly care about, not even just because they are a special person to me, but because they are a human being and it is my job to care about human beings. So, when I sit down with this person, I need to commit to having this conversation in love, while also being open-minded that I could be wrong and that listening to someone might improve my relationship with them OR even improve my point of view or understanding of a situation.

I’m okay with us disagreeing, but so often it is done out of pride for not wanting to be “wrong.” When I look at Selah, I see someone who is innocent and curious. She is smart and hard-headed. She smiles at almost anyone. She is a beautiful little thing and I can’t stay mad at her… even when she wakes us up at 2am (which isn’t often because she’s an angel). I say all of this because… children just don’t care. They are curious about the world. They WANT to learn more about it and sometimes I feel like the older we get, the more close-minded we become. Instead of looking at a situation, judging it, and making our own opinion… maybe we should be a bit more like children. Look at a situation, become curious about it, truly ask questions and LISTEN to the answers… rather than assuming we know everything about it and not listening to anyone else when they give their 2 cents.

People are human beings with lives, feelings, emotions, situations that we know nothing about it. Let us try to come to the table with a little more love. It can’t hurt.

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